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Call for Tax help today.It’s incredible the level of procrastination that when it comes to taking care of your taxes. Benjamin Franklin put it well when he said “along with death, taxes are inevitable”.

Let’s face it; we all know that every year we need to file your taxes by April 15th. Still, a lot of us put it off until the last minute in the blind hope that it will simply go away! Yeah, right!

Following are 3 things to help you stop procrastinating and get your dastardly taxes done:

1. Get Control of Your Emotions
Ask yourself; why am I putting this off? Determine the reason behind that fact that you put off doing you taxes until the last minute, year after year, and figure out a way to overcome it. Acknowledge that the sooner you get started, the faster you’ll have this always daunting task behind you. Remind yourself of all the benefits you’ll get by finishing ahead of time. Who knows, you may even be entitled to a refund as well as save money by not having to file an extension. Best of all, instead of driving yourself crazy over the next few months, dreading doing your taxes, quit putting it off now!

2. Get Started
Once you get over the emotional hurdle and start the process, you will be more motivated to finish. Often times the hardest part is just taking that first step. The first step you should take is to gather your tax information, put it on a thumb drive, or if you’re not computerized, box up all your tax papers, receipts, etc.

3. Call ProBooks Inc.
Call ProBooks Inc., tax, accounting and bookkeeping professionals since 1986. Patrick with ProBooks Inc. knows all the deductions you have no way of knowing about, and others that most people assume are deductions that aren’t. Seeing an experienced tax professional will save you far more money than they cost. They can save you from being audited because you tried to claim deductions that are not deductible There are a lot of little tax tidbits and half truths floating around out there that can get you into trouble because many of them have gray areas that you couldn’t possibly know about. Hiring ProBooks Inc. to do your taxes will keep you out of trouble, up to date, on time and maybe even entitled to a refund!

Call ProBooks todayFor most business owners, bookkeeping is their least favorite part of the job.  Some even feel that keeping the books is a tiresome and even unnecessary task and push it aside as long as their business is generating revenue;  this couldn’t be any further from the truth. The fact is that bookkeeping is a crucial part of your business and, in some circumstances;  the success of your small business may depend on it.

If you would rather spend your time working on building your business or if bookkeeping to you means shoving bank statements, invoices and receipts into a shoe box until tax time , then it’s time to hire a bookkeeper.  If you’re not convinced yet, here are just a few reasons you should pick up the phone today.

Your bookkeeper will make sure that you have efficient financial systems in place, meaning you’ll always have a good idea of how your business is doing.  At a glance you’ll be able to see if your profits are up or down, monitor sales, expenditures and more.

Your bookkeeper will take care of things like payroll as well as ensuring that everything is paid, as well as invoiced, in a timely manner.  This means you’ll get paid on time by your clients and your bills will be paid by their due dates, avoiding any late fees.

A Bookkeeper will put together reports that will help you see trends and patterns in your business that will make it easy for you recognize ways you can save money and boost profits that you might have missed, or perhaps not seen at all until it was to late.

Your time is valuable and better spent elsewhere, where you can apply your efforts toward real impact on your financial well being.   A bookkeeper will relieve you of a significant part of the load by managing the day to day financial situation of your business.

Having well organized books will be highly beneficial if you find it necessary to apply for a small business loan.  Any financial institution will want to go over your numbers before they consider lending you money, so having your books in order will make it easy for you to not only illustrate the financial health of your company, but to present estimations of future growth.

When your books are in excellent order there won’t be any more late nights spent struggling to get paperwork together for your accountant at tax time. If you’re lucky enough to work with a bookkeeper that is also an accountant, that’s even better.  Either way, a bookkeeper will make sure that your books are in perfect order so that if the tax office decides to audit you, you’ll be ready.

Should you ever decide to sell your business, it’s crucial that your books are in order because any potential buyer will want to carefully go over your books.  Your books will need to reflect the value of your business to the prospective buyer but more importantly, you’ll be able to determine the value and the best asking price.

If you suddenly don’t need to spend every waking hour doing tedious paperwork, you’ll be freeing up extra hours to spend with your friends and family, on sports and hobbies, whatever it is you enjoy doing besides working.  This free time provides a healthy balance that’s good for both your business and personal relationships.

With all the benefits that come with hiring an experienced bookkeeper, it simply doesn’t make sense to do your books yourself. When you hire a Probooks, Inc. you will save money, make more money, avoid legal issues and tax problems and best of all, will have more time to spend on your business and enjoying quality time with your loved ones.

If you are trying to do it all when it comes to running your business – juggling marketing, sales, shipping, employees and bookkeeping, all at once, something is going to suffer and it definitely shouldn’t be your bookkeeping or accounting.  It’s perfectly understandable that as a business owner, you have a tendency to try to do everything yourself.  At the end of the day, for your business to succeed, you need to make the most of your time. Your expertise and your bookkeeping represent a crucial part in the success of your business.  An experienced bookkeeper will provide you with a clear picture of where your business is at and where you need to go next.  We will help you make the well informed decisions that will eventually boost your business success as we help set up a plan that will guide you along the best possible route to financial stability.

When you work with Probooks, Inc. you won’t have to spend tedious hours entering all your tax and bookkeeping information into the computer, filling out tax forms, or learn all the ins and outs of accounting.  You just give us your monthly or quarterly pile of paperwork and we do the rest.  If you live in the greater Seattle area, we’ll even pick it up and deliver the completed results in person or by the US Postal Service. We can even deliver your information online if you are in a hurry to get the information quickly for review by your bank or other financial institutions; it’s as simple as that.

The following are just a few of the services ProBooks, Inc. offers:

1. Tax filing for 1040 and 1120S Federal Tax Returns at reasonable costs
2.  Small business accounting and bookkeeping solutions.
3. Payroll Processing & Completion of Payroll Tax Returns, W-2’s & 1099’s
4. Financial Statements & Graphs
5. Bank Account Reconciliations
6. Completion of WA State Combined Excise Tax Returns
7. Business Tax Planning & Monitoring throughout the year
8. A trustworthy and ethical person to relay on for advice and guidance.

If you don’t have the time, the desire, or the knowledge to do your books yourself, call Patrick at ProBooks, Inc.  Hiring an experienced bookkeeper will not only reduce stress but can often boost profits. So give Patrick a call today to get started or for a no obligation estimate.

Patrick Sibley  IRS Registered Return Tax Preparer through the new PTIN system
ProBooks, Inc. (Established since 1983)
Please visit my Website at: http://www.WeDoYourBooks.com

It may seem counterproductive to spend money on an accountant when you’re doing your best to hang on to every dime that you can. The truth of the matter is that a skilled accountant will help you save more money than you could handle on your own, essentially paying their own salary and more.

As with most business practices you need to spend money to make money, and hiring a professional accountant will guarantee you reap the rewards of your decision to make an accountant part of your financial success team.

Following are just a few reasons you should hire an experienced accountant.

Most business owners have trouble looking at their finances rationally. A professional accountant will keep emotions out of the equation and examine your earning and spending behaviors and help you come up with a budget that will help you save money without feeling deprived. At the same time, your accountant’s job is to ensure that you don’t spend more money than you make so they won’t sugar coat the facts when it comes to your budget.

The moment someone decides to go the self employment path, life as they know it may well change for the better; however your personal finances are definitely going to get more complicated. The number of variables, deadlines and unknowns to take into account are tremendous. Having a tax expert on your side to advise you along the way isn’t just a time saver; it will save you money as well.

Throughout the year you’ll have expenses that fall under write off or deduction categories, particularly when you own your business or you work on a contract or freelance basis. Your accountant will let you know what expenses fit into these categories, making sure that you’re saving money and claiming the right deductions. They’ll also save you time by making sure you’re not tracking expenses that you won’t be able to write off.

In spite of the numerous financial services that most professional accountant’s offer, the primary reason that most people hire an accountant is to help them do their taxes. The advantages of this move are obvious. A professional accountant more than likely will know a lot more about tax preparation than you as well as all the ins and outs of tax law. They will also help you pinpoint deductions that won’t get you flagged for an audit. More importantly, an experienced accountant will be able to come up with ways to lower the amount you owe the government and even help you come up with strategies that can actually get money back.

Long story short, not all savings come down to dollars and cents. Remember time is money and your time is better spent running your business and enjoying your life. So if you think about it, the amount of time that you’ll save by not having to do your own data entry and searching through page after page of confusing information on the IRS website, and filing taxes yourself, often missing that tiny detail that could have made you some money, you stand to save a good chunk of change by hiring a professional accountant.

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